To become a member of our artists’ cooperative, you need to purchase a lifetime share in the coop for $30.


  • vote at the annual general meeting (AGM);

  • receive our newsletters, calls for submissions, and invitations.

    rent space for your events

  • take part in workshops, training sessions, social gatherings organized for members;

  • support the viability and development of La Fab Arts Centre.


annual user fees:

User fees allow you to:

  • rent one of our onsite artist's studios

  • take part in the members' group exhibitions held in the summer and at Christmas

  • submit your artwork to the jury for the solo exhibitions taking place in our onsite gallery

  • submit your artwork to the jury for the possibility to sell it in our onsite boutique

  • take advantage of a 10% discount for any purchase in our boutique


Annual fee of $50

  • 40% commission on sales in the boutique and 25% on sales in monthly shows.

  • No contribution in time required


Annual fee of $100

  1. 10% commission on sales in the boutique, the gallery, and monthly shows.

  2. Contribution of 10 hours of work per month (one 6 hour shift in the boutique and 4 hours of cooperative committee work.)



Not an artist? Not a problem!

You can still get involved and be a part of our arts loving community

No annual fee, just purchase your lifetime membership share and tell us how you want to participate.